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The course has been prepared in order to sensitize the participants towards leading a confident and successful life with their inner motivation and initiative. Human mind has enormous scope, and lots of its potentials remain unexplored and unexploited. The biggest concern is under-rating of self by most people. One of the major concerns of developing this course is indeed to empower the participants by educating them the proven techniques of human empowerment. Not acknowledging virtues of self is insulting the self only which is not less than any human crime.

Objectives of the Course
• To facilitate natural development of the potentials of the individuals for healthy approach to life.
• To enhance overall confidence of the participants in different walks of life, especially public speaking, group discussion and interview skills.
• To improve managerial and behavioural skills.
• To promote positive attitude and mental health.
• To enhance self-esteem and self-pride of the participants.

The subject matter has been classified in four broad categories of knowledge and each category is further divided in three sub sections.

The major four categories are; ‘Communication’, ‘Presentation’, ‘Management’ and ‘Self-Esteem’.

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