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Teacher Training Program

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Duration: 5 Days

Contact Classes: One Week

Fee: INR 40,000/- (Forty Thousand only after discount)


  1. Training- A Teaching Learning Process
  2. Role of Trainer
  3. Self-Development of Trainer
  4. Designing a Training Program
  5. Small Group Processes
  6. Learning- Training Methods
  7. Evaluation and Follow up
  8. Learning Exercises
  9. Mind Body Relationship
  10. Hypnotic Conditions
  11. Healing Strategies
  12. Innovative Induction Techniques


Approach to Teaching: 

  • Structure of Teaching
    • Theoretical Explanation
    • Practical Demonstration
    • Practice by Students
    • Debriefing is done for further correction and improvements
  • Course manuals are provided for reference and further studies.
  • Examination is conducted for certification of Hypnosis and Counselling courses
  • Online support is made available for students after completion of the course.
  • Duration and fees are mentioned against each course.
  • One week means 5 working days in the time frame of the courses.
  • GST is applicable on the fees as per government provision
  • Medium of instruction is in Hindi and English only
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