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Hypnosis for beginners Level-1

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Hypnosis for beginners is Education of basics of “actual and real” Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. The course shall teach you to conduct the standard Hypnosis sessions.  You will learn to heal yourself from many kinds of psychological issues such as anxiety, stress, trauma, phobia, insomnia, anger, smoking, fear, low confidence and lack of concentration, various kinds of addictions as well as low self-belief and stage fear etc. Not only psychological issues but also you can heal yourself form various kinds of sexual issues like Erectile dysfunction, Frigidity, etc

You can boost your motivation and inspiration levels and also learn mind-focusing towards any goal or aim. This is a very powerful and helpful course for the people who want to achieve or be something in their lives. This course will educate and train you for self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy with basics. This course is focuses on understanding the complete process of hypnosis as well as its applications. Together with you will be given the practical exposure also the theoretical knowledge of the course.

This course comprises of :

• Applied Hypnosis
• Auto Hypnosis
• Welcome Letter
• Registration Form
• Spirals
• Pre Training test
• Examination Sheet

Please reach us for further assistance. Do registration online.Follow us on YouTube.

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