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E-Clinical Psychic Therapy

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The e-Psychic Therapy course focuses on the activation of psychic energies in order to have experiences beyond the physical limits and time. It includes a process of psychic stimulation and empowers the individual with the ability to scan any living being or non-living object. It also enables to establish linkages beyond the limits of time. A practitioner of psychic therapy can do remote viewing, divine healing, and balancing of energies at chakras and physical systems of the human body. It is just a realization of the gift we all have from the divine.

You Get:

  • Course Manual (Size A4) in English,
  • Soft copies of Hypnotic Music, Scripts, Awareness Videos
  • Offline Assistance & Support

Please reach us at or call us at +919717990561 for more assistance. We try our best to respond as quickly as possible.

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