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Counseling Whatsapp Course

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Duration: 25 Days

The course comprises of following material:

  • 25 Lessons in PDF Format (inclusive of Introduction and Examination)
  • Guidance and sample healing steps for 5 issues to help the students.
  • Examination sheet (Optional for those who want to be certified)
  • Examination fee is applicable for the students willing to be certified.
  • Only one lesson shall be sent on a day


Know Your Course

Chapter 1: Introduction of the Course

Chapter 2: Counselling

Chapter 3: Characteristics of a Counsellor

Chapter 4: Develop Rapport and Know the Client

Chapter 5: Suggestibility (by Dr John Kappas)

Chapter 6: Sexuality (by Dr John Kappas)

Chapter 7: Functioning of Human Mind

Chapter 8: Theory of Personality (by Sigmund Freud)

Chapter 9: Theory of Personality (by Erik Erikson)

Chapter 10: Hierarchy of Needs (by Abraham Maslow)

Chapter 11: Counselling Interview

Chapter 12: Understanding Problem -Paris Window

Chapter 13: Understanding Problem- Corrective Therapy

Chapter 14: Theories of Learning

Chapter 15: Healing Techniques- Family System Approach

Chapter 16: Healing Techniques- Role Play

Chapter 17: Healing Techniques- Systematic Desensitization

Chapter 18: Healing Techniques- Circle Therapy

Chapter 19: Relationship Counselling

Chapter 20: Counselling for Smoking

Chapter 21: Counselling for Enuresis

Chapter 22: Counselling for Fear /Phobia

Chapter 23: Counselling for Procrastination

Chapter 24: Counselling for Depression

Chapter 25: Examination and Certification (Optional)

It starts on 1st and 15th of every month.

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