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Comprehensive Hypnotherapy DIPLOMA COURSE

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Comprehensive Hypnotherapy Course is called “Complete Education of a Master Hypnotherapist” and  “Encyclopedia of Hypnotherapy”. You can become a master of hypnotherapy and hypnotic sciences with this course. It includes all the necessary elements of hypnotherapy along with practical exposure and theoretical knowledge. It covers the following components :

Hypnosis for beginners (Level-1), Advance Hypnosis (Level-2), Clinical hypnosis (Level-3) likewise all 3 levels it also includes past life regression therapy (level-4) and Level-5 that is Clinical Psychic therapy. Not only 5 levels of hypnotherapy but also this course includes NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)and Counseling. Along with therapeutic use this course also included personality development course like Body-language coupled with lie detection and some skill improving course like Graphology (Handwriting & Signature analysis). This course is not only focuses on hypnosis & personality development but also you can improve your mind power with equally important modality of this course i.e Trataka. Similarly it also includes Financial Abundance, Mental Bank.

Helping Material, along with the syllabus, students shall be given:

  1. Audio Hypnosis Experimental Samples
  2. Hypnosis Awareness Videos
  3. Reading Manual along with Self-Practice Guidelines
  4. Self-Practice Supervision Guidelines
  5. Hypnotic Conditions and Planning
  6. Trataka Manual

NOTICE: The students need to prepare and submit 10 cases under the supervised guidance of their instructor after completion of the course in order to qualify for ‘DIPLOMA IN CLINICAL COMPREHENSIVE HYPNOTHERAPY’

For any assistance, please reach us at or call us at +919717990561. We are at your disposal.


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