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Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Course

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Be a Professional Hypnotherapist and a Practioner with Diploma Course of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Following levels are taught under the course:

Level 1: Hypnosis for Beginners

  • Understanding Hypnosis
  • Human Mind
  • Principles and Techniques of Induction
  • Hypnotic Trance
  • Personality and its Application in Hypnosis
  • Planning and Conducting a Hypnosis Session
  • Ethical Issues
  • Self Hypnosis: Concept, purpose, laws, process, and applications
  • Techniques of Self Hypnosis and Hypnotic Meditation


Level 2: Advance Hypnosis

  • Hypnotic Modalities
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Kappasinian Hypnosis
  • Visualization and Imagery
  • Dream Therapy
  • Hypno-diagnostic Tools: Suggestion Therapy; Hypno-analysis; Paris window; Corrective Therapy; Ideomotor response; Hypno aids, Biofeedback and Body Syndrome
  • Hypnodrama
  • Child Hypnosis
  • Group Hypnosis
  • Dealing the issues like Phobia, bed wetting, thumb sucking, study habits, anxiety
  • Use of the techniques like; Circle Therapy, Desensitization, Age Regression and Life Therapy.


Level 3: Clinical Hypnosis

    • Medical Model of Hypnosis
    • Disease: Origin and Mind –Body Connections
    • First Consultation
    • Counselling Interview
    • Writing Scripts
    • Family System approach
    • Healing- Low Blood Sugar, Eating Disorder, Substance Abuse, and Crisis Interventions
    • Self Concept
    • Defence Mechanisms
    • General Self-Improvement
    • Habit Control
    • Promoting the Professional work
    • Sexuality: Types of sexuality; development of Sexuality and Priorities as per sexuality
    • Healthy Communication
    • Relationship Counselling
    • Sexual Dysfunction; Erectile Dysfunction and Frigidity

Helping Material, along with the syllabus, students shall be given:

      1. Audio Hypnosis Experimental Samples
      2. Hypnosis Awareness Videos
      3. Reading Manual with Self-Practice Guidelines
      4. Self-Practice Supervision Guidelines
      5. Hypnotic Conditions and Planning.


Scheme of the Course

      • The students invest time in three modes, i.e., classroom sessions, reading and learning after the training course, and practicing the skill in the field.
      • The students can choose learning modes as per their conveniences such as full day workshops, part-time workshops or off-days workshops.
      • The classroom studies include input sessions, demos, and practice sessions.
      • Debriefing is provided after each practice or demo session for clarification and consolidation of the concepts and processes.
      • The students are provided reading and learning material for further in-depth knowledge and understanding of concepts and processes.
      • The students are provided supervisory support to seek guidance for sharpening their skills while practicing independently in the field over a period of three months.
      • The students are helped to prepare a plan of action after the training classes.
      • The Academy makes online support available to the students for the stated period and beyond.
      • Students are supervised to prepare 10 cases after completion of practice.
      • Students undergo examination for certification.
      • Fee for evaluation of case studies is INR 5000/- (USD 100) and P&H charges for sending documents within India are Rs 500/- while out of India are (USD 25)
      • The students can repeat the workshops without any fee (except logistics) till they become confident of their skill.

NOTE: The students need to prepare and submit 10 cases under the supervised guidance of their instructor after completion of the course in order to qualify for ‘DIPLOMA IN CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY’


For any assistance, please reach us at or call us at +919717990561. We are at your disposal.




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