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Advance Hypnosis Level-2

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Enrolled: 50 students
Level: Advanced

Advance Hypnosis Course has been designed to deepen and strengthen knowledge and skill of the practitioners with latest and fast working techniques. Correspondingly this course will also help you to get familiarize with therapeutic applications of Hypnosis. Moreover it also includes Instant & fast hypnosis techniques. This course comprises :

• Hypnotic Modalities like
• Instant Hypnosis techniques
• Ericksonian Hypnosis as well as Kappasinian Hypnosis
• Visualization and Imagery
• Dream Therapy
• Hypno-diagnostic Tools like Suggestion Therapy; Hypno-analysis; Paris window; Corrective Therapy; Ideomotor
response; Hypno aids, Biofeedback and Body Syndrome
• Hypnodrama
• Child Hypnosis and Group Hypnosis
• Dealing the issues like Phobia, bed wetting, thumb sucking, study habits as well as anxiety
• Use of the techniques such as ; Circle Therapy, Desensitization, Age Regression and Life Therapy.

With the practical knowledge of this course one would be able to help masses. Along with the betterment of others we also constantly improve and uplift self. Furthermore the content and application of this course has been very much simplified. Now anyone can learn this therapy and implement it for a noble cause.You will also learn to deal with various psychological disorders.

Indian Hypnosis Academy is one of the oldest hypnosis teaching bodies. Together with the experience of Dr J P Malik you would enjoy learning and practicing this art.

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